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Manage your account on the go.

AccountAccess lets you take care of financial information online any time. Check your balance, handle payments, transfer funds, view account activity, download your loan activity statement, print tax documents and more.

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With the Cape Fear Farm Credit Mobile app, you can view balances, recent transactions, account details and other AccountAccess information. You can also make payments and transfer funds from your Cape Fear Farm Credit account to an external checking or savings account.

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AutoDraft electronically deducts your loan payment from your bank account every time it’s due. No check to write, no payment book to keep, no envelope to mail. And never worry again about late payments—your payment will always be on time.


Safely and dependably draw funds from your line of credit loan.

Call us and let us know how much you need, and we’ll deposit that amount into your checking or savings account. If you call before 2 p.m., the funds will be in your account the next day. If your call is received after 2 p.m., your transaction will be processed promptly the next business day. The exact time of day the money is credited to your account may depend on your bank’s practices.

Referral Program

Refer a farmer friend - get up to $250 cash. 

A referral from you is our biggest compliment! PLUS - it pays to be a member of Cape Fear Farm Credit - literally through patronage. But now it pays more by sharing the Farm Credit green. When you, a member, refer Cape Fear Farm Credit a qualified lead, such as a fellow farmer or land seeker - receive $50. Once a loan request has materialized and closed, receive $250. It's that easy to earn extra green. Contact your lender directly to refer a farmer friend and start earning extra green!

All consumer purpose home loans are excluded from this program due to RESPA Section 8. Employees and directors are not eligible for the referral program. Vacant Land is exempt if the applicant plans to construct or place a structure or manufactured home on the real property using loan proceeds within two years from the date of settlement of the loan. 


Most farmers and producers come to a point where they need to know what their property is worth. Our certified appraisers are here to help. Appraisals can help you make critical business decisions, like planning an estate, selling part of your farm or forming a partnership.

Our experienced state-certified general real estate appraisers are available to help with many different types of property in Southeastern North Carolina and surrounding areas, including poultry facilities, swine facilities, general farm property and woodland.

"The appraisal team provides the needed information to help both the customer-owner and Cape Fear Farm Credit make informed financial decisions."

Graham Smith
CFFC Chief Appraiser

Revolving Line of Credit

A line of credit (LOC) is designed to provide flexible and efficient credit to borrowers whose business and related activities result in cash flow timing differences, and periods of cash surpluses and deficits.

Cape Fear Farm Credit offers a variety of Revolving and Non-Revolving line of credit options to best fit our customers’ operations and their financial needs. 

  • A Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC) is an open-ended facility in which the borrower may make draws to cover expenses. Funds can be advanced, paid back, and re-advanced up to the RLOC's maturity date. The most common use of a RLOC is for funding ongoing business or farm expenses in which the timing of cash flow creates funding challenges. Other purposes include the financing of inventory or receivables.
  • A Non-Revolving Line of Credit (NRLOC) is essentially a term loan in which the borrower may make draws upon to cover expenses for the term of the loan. However, as principal payments are made funds do not become available for the borrower to re-borrow or "re-advance". The most common use of a NRLOC is for the funding of expenses for farm inputs, supplies, and other upcoming expenses for the current farm operating cycle.

Line of Credit Products Available

Small Select Revolving Line of Credit

Up to $100,000 that is ideal for smaller producers who experience mismatches in cash flow due to nature of the production cycle, such as operating expenses.

One Year Revolving/Non-Revolving Line of Credit

Ideal for mid to large size producers who need funds primarily for operating purposes with repayment plans from the sale of crops, livestock, or other operating assets being financed.

Multi-Year Revolving Line of Credit

Ideal for larger producers who need financing for a range of purposes or whose operations encompass more than the standard production cycle. Examples include timber producers, operations with diverse income streams, or commercial operations.

Capital Line of Credit

Used to fund a borrower's capital purchase needs such as farm equipment, vehicle fleet, etc.

Asset-Based Line of Credit

Used to fund inventories, utilize cash tied up in accounts receivable, and other operating assets. These loans are indexed to the assets being financed and are monitored periodically through a borrowing base certificate. The repayment is usually accomplished from the conversion of the assets to cash.

*Consumer loans are not permitted for a Line of Credit product