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Maggie Warren - A CFFC Intern

Being raised by an agricultural family in the small town of Spivey’s Corner allowed me to gain first-hand experience with various aspects of crop production and animal husbandry.  At the age of five my Papa fastened me in his combine to espy the breathtaking, never-ending fields of soybean and corn.  Helping my family on the farm taught me the true nature of being a steward of the environment.  Being involved in Future Farmers of America, throughout high school, expanded my ongoing love and fascination with agriculture.  The blue corduroy jacket, which I hold close to my heart, has endless chapters of passion and glory.  As a member of the FFA, I was first introduced to the Creed written by E.M. Tiffany.  The FFA Creed was written to express the beliefs held by the agricultural community.  It symbolizes the pursuits and challenges faced, the importance of leadership, and the foundation for American agriculturalists.  Freshman year of high school, I participated in the Creed Speaking competition.  Looking back six years, I would have never realized how much five paragraphs would cultivate my life.  The first line “I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words, but of deeds,” symbolizes the standards to the way we live, work, and treat others.  As an intern at Cape Fear Farm Credit, it is evident that the principles written by E.M. Tiffany ninety-one years ago have continued to influence the values of farmers, lenders, and rural America. Today, my passion continues to grow through my education at Campbell University.  I am currently a junior, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Communications. It is my hopes to return to a rural community after obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree along with Masters in Business Administration, to continue spreading the values of agriculture dear to my heart.


The Blue Corduroy Jacket
By: Maggie Warren

To answer “who is she”,

We must begin with the question of “what this blue jacket did for me.”

It starts with the stiff corduroy, which is not the way to begin,

Definitely not the next top fashion although it sparked a trend.

Its durability was made to last,

Leaving me with memories and experiences from the past.

As the jacket has surely begun to fade,

I will always know the differences that it made.

These symbols represent the organizations goals,

For the countless farmers who held such high roles.

You see, the emblem was special from the start,

Which is why it is held close to my heart.

Think of the national blue and corn gold spread across the nation,

To me it’s more than a combination.

Lastly, there’s the zipper and tallywacker, which we overlook,

But it held together every story in my book.

With each jacket comes its own tale,

Mine describes “who is she” all in detail.

  • Maggie Warren