Closing the food insecurity gap in eastern North Carolina

Cape Fear Farm Credit and AgCarolina Farm Credit seeks ways to local farmers and consumers to areas of food insecurity in eastern North Carolina. As a local cooperative, Cape Fear Farm Credit and AgCarolina Farm Credit is the lending partner to many rural residents and agricultural producers, including young, beginning and small farmers. Local farmers are passionate about serving consumers, so Farm Credit is collaborating with community partners to support young, beginning and small (YBS) farmers. Together, we can donate to areas of food insecurity throughout eastern North Carolina. 


Connecting Farmers to Consumers through Community Partnerships
An assortment of young, beginning and small (YBS) farmers are producing local produce to be sold directly to consumers through The Produce Box subscription service and Ripe Revival Chef’s series. Products include locally grown sweet potatoes, pumpkins, pork sausage, zucchini, yellow squash, goat cheese, peanuts and more. Each farmer’s story will be shared upon purchase connecting the local farmer to the consumer.

Partnership with Ripe Revival

Ripe Revival is an eastern North Carolina based company that exists to revive communities through food. They work to mend broken food systems through practical and creative solutions that reconnect farmers, businesses, non-profits, and communities. In 2022, Ripe Revival is reviving the supper club with their second event with Chef Jamie Davis at The Hackney Restaurant & Distillery in Washington, NC.

To get involved, consumers are able to purchase tickets that will include a link to the live event and a curated meal kit delivered to your home to cook alongside the chef. Experience a taste of North Carolina's agriculture and hospitality industry from the comfort of your own home with signature dishes from Blue Jay Bistro with ingredients sourced directly from North Carolina farmers. For each box purchased, produce will be donated by Cape Fear Farm Credit and AgCarolina Farm Credit to areas experiencing food insecurities throughout eastern North Carolina. 

Meet the Farmers

Engage and read the stories of the young, beginning and small farmers with a passion for growing and producing local products for consumers. 

Partnership with The Produce Box

The Produce Box in Raleigh, NC personally delivers the best North Carolina local foods to your door. This subscription based service holds the mission to sell North Carolina produce to North Carolinians. As the pioneer provider of farm-to-table North Carolina produce, The Produce Box believes that if it’s easy and convenient, more people will make the choice to support hardworking North Carolina farmers and eat locally-grown food.

Earlier this year, consumers were able to order the custom Young, Beginning and Small Farmer box filled with local Farm Credit producers. For each box sold, Farm Credit purchased an additional box to distribute within areas challenged by food insecurity throughout eastern North Carolina.

Exclusive Recipe - Spicy Fall Hash

Utilize local produce to make a delicious fall treat - Spicy Fall Hash.

More about Food Insecurity in North Carolina
In North Carolina, one in seven people face hunger including one in five children. Areas of food insecurity may be closer than one may imagine throughout North Carolina. According to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, rates of hunger in North Carolina are much higher than the national average. No one is immune to hunger as someone’s circumstances in life can change in a moment without their control through job loss, health crisis, and other uncontrollable factors. In North Carolina, approximately 28% of food insecure people do not qualify for SNAP benefits because they fall above the poverty threshold. Although where there is a challenge, lies a solution in that North Carolina is a diverse agriculture state with producing more than 150 commodities and the home of more than 52,000 farms. These local North Carolina farms support the state in being the leading producer of sweet potatoes, tobacco, hogs, turkey, trout, strawberries and pickling cucumbers. Other North Carolina commodities include broilers, eggs, blueberries, peaches, peanuts, apples, catfish, watermelons, tomatoes, soybeans, cotton, cattle, grapes and squash.

Food Distribution

With each partnership, Cape Fear Farm Credit and AgCarolina Farm Credit will distribute the donated boxes and pounds of food. Every person makes a difference. The more consumers support these projects, the more local produce will be distributed through community partners throughout eastern North Carolina.


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About Cape Fear Farm Credit
Cape Fear Farm Credit is a financial lender that provides loans for agriculture and rural living in southeastern North Carolina. Specific to agriculture, Cape Fear Farm Credit understands the industry and its capital intensive nature and assists by providing loans for land, equipment, operating expenses, farm facilities and other agricultural operation needs. Cape Fear Farm Credit also recognizes the beauty of rural communities and provides financing for home and land within rural communities in Southeastern North Carolina.

About AgCarolina Farm Credit

AgCarolina Farm Credit is a farmer owned financial cooperative with headquarters in Raleigh. They are the leading provider of credit to farmers in central and eastern North Carolina. AgCarolina Farm Credit has over $1.5 billion in loans and commitments outstanding to nearly 3,000 North Carolina farmers. Loans are made to finance land, homes, farm buildings, operating expenses, livestock and equipment, as well as other purposes. Credit life insurance, appraisal services, and leasing are also available through AgCarolina Farm Credit.