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Dear Farm Mom

Mom pushing child in wheelbarrow

Dear Farm Mom,

Being a mom is hard and messy and exhausting; but when you are a farm mom, it gets even harder, messier, and further exhausting! I see that now...because of you.

The clothes are caked with dirt from the fields, grease from machinery, and oh...that must be fresh manure on those pants! Oh well, most stains come out and the clothes always look and smell cleaner...because of you.

We all work up an appetite on the farm. Sometimes we eat in a field around a combine and other times around the table. Yet, no matter where we eat, there is always good food and full bellies...because of you.

Farming is hard and unpredictable, yet beautiful and amazing. There are seasons of drought and seasons of floods; there are seasons of want and seasons of plenty. Whatever the season, I see you on your knees praying. I learn how to have faith...because of you.

I watch (and help) you carry water buckets to livestock in the freezing cold. I see you lift hay bales, wrangle livestock, back trailers, and mend fences. Every day, I get to see what grit is all about...because of you.

Despite a to-do list on the farm that is a mile long, you drive us to ball practice, music lessons, and school functions. You run errands and pick up parts. The roads stay packed, and we get to our destination...because of you.

Kissing away my hurt and tears, holding a sick animal, whispering words of comfort. I not only witness, but feel love...because of you.

The backbone of the farm operation -- you cook, clean, tend to livestock, and drive tractors. You pay the bills on time and probably get less sleep than any of us. Although there are only 24 hours in a day, and farming, in and of itself, is a seven-day a week job, everything gets done...because of you.

I know, Mom, that I don’t thank you enough; I don’t praise you enough; and it may seem, that I don’t see half of what you do as a farm mom.  I may not see it all, but I see enough. Just know, everything I am is...because of you.


Your Farm Kid

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