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Dear NC Farmers

Storm clouds gathering

Dear NC Farmers,

Yet another major storm approaches our shores, threatening to wreak havoc on our communities. And while our eyes have been glued to the weather station, hoping the storm will just disappear, don’t think we haven’t seen you.

We see you racing your combine through the corn rows, doing all you can to harvest your crop before the storm comes.

We see you working late into the night, only guided by headlights and moonlight.

We see you preparing generators at the barn, long before you give thought to generators at your house.

We see you checking animals before, during, and after the storm like a worried mother hen.

We see you brave the elements—the wind, water, and rain.

We see your team of fellow agriculturalists working right along with you.

The truck drivers haven’t stopped hauling feed, animals, or crops. The mill is running extra shifts so crops aren’t lost. Service men and farm employees are putting in extra hours, standing by your side to make sure the job gets done. We see all of them.

We see your family, weathering the storm alone, because the farm needs you.

We see your spouse, anxiously staring out the rain pelted window, waiting for your return.

We see your kids try and understand why you can’t be there with them during the storm.

We see you. We see them.

We see your tired eyes, sore feet, worried mind, and aching heart.

We see you hit your knees over and over, praying for safety.

We see you pour your all into that farm, doing everything you possibly can, and still question “will it be enough?”

And although, we’ve had our eyes glued to the news, we just wanted to say that we see you too.

Your hard work, your efforts, and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

We see you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

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