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Hurricane Florence - A Note of Safety

According to the latest forecast, Hurricane Florence is continuing to strengthen and North Carolina is preparing for statewide impacts, from storm surge and high winds along the coast to flooding inland.

As officials in North Carolina are urging, we too urge you to take precautions and prepare your personal property and farming operations.

As a reminder, Governor Roy Cooper made executive orders to farmers as we prepare for the threat of severe economic loss of livestock, poultry and crops. Executive orders include the Department of Public Safety to temporarily suspend weighing vehicles used to transport livestock, poultry, feed and crops in the emergency area. The order also waives the maximum hours of service allowed for people transporting essential fuels, food, water, medicine, feed for livestock and poultry and to those transporting livestock, poultry and crops ready to harvest.

While we prepare, we pray for the best. We pray for safety and minimal effects on livestock and crops. As your financial partner, please reach out to your loan officer or local branch if we can provide necessary financial assistance during your time of preparation.


Brad Cornelius, CEO
Cape Fear Farm Credit

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