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Meet Kiana Myers, a CFFC Summer Intern

Hello! I am Kiana Myers, a senior international business major at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

I choose to study international business because business is global. Not only will I have the understanding of how businesses operate in the US but also overseas. Furthermore, my family has a background in travel; I grew up in a military family. I have been able to travel every two to three years to somewhere new. Which grew my appreciation for the land that I live on, the food I consume, and the opportunities granted to me. The chance to intern for Cape Fear Farm Credit is an incredible opportunity that I am thankful to have been offered.

I was super excited to take this internship because I work with local farmers at the food pantry on campus. On the UNCP campus, I am the Assistant Manager of the Care Resource Center, a student-run food pantry. We receive food products from our local partners, and the food that is no longer viable for human consumption, we compost. The food goes to local farmers to feed their cows, which is all part of the food cycle. I have grown to enjoy learning about agriculture throughout working at the Care Resource Center and closely with the farmers. Learning about agriculture is like putting together a puzzle, and everything fits so nicely to make a big picture. Sometimes, the big picture is more surprising than you would think, and it just gets even better.

Nonetheless, I am interested in learning more about the financial aspect from Cape Fear Farm Credit. As a graduating college student, I feel comfortable being unsure of what career I feel passionate about and what to pursue. However, that is why I am taking advantage of this opportunity to learn about the many positions at Cape Fear Farm Credit. As an intern, I look forward to learning about what I want from the company I want to work for in the future, and the culture here at Cape Fear Farm Credit is incomparable. So far, this internship has been unique; the people that I have talked to are super understanding about my position as a college student that does not know what department or field inside of a business that they want to work in. The advice has been uncanny, and I am looking forward to more great talks as the ones I have already had.

This is going to be a great internship experience! #manifested

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