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Quinton Barnes - A CFFC Intern

Quinton feeding a llama

My name is Quinton Barnes I am a senior computer information systems and supply chain management major at Appalachian State University.

I grew up in Atkinson, North Carolina, a small town of around three hundred people just outside of Burgaw. Farming was always a dominant industry around where I lived including tobacco, soybean, and blueberry fields all around the surrounding area. Although, other than growing vegetables in a garden behind my house, I didn’t grow up in the farming industry. My first experience in the farming sector was   when I went to work on a blueberry farm in Ivanhoe, North Carolina over the summer when I was in high school. I worked there every summer while I was in high school and my first summer during college. I continued learning and working in the farming industry after that when my father started a blackberry farm in 2016. Working with him I learned more about the financial and regulatory aspects of farming,  including bookkeeping, payroll, and abiding to the safety regulations involved throughout the process.

I am excited to work at Cape Fear Farm Credit this summer and learn more about the financial side of farming and Ag lending. I am also interested in learning about the IT systems and technology that Cape Fear Farm Credit uses and how they adjust to technology changes. Just over the few weeks that I have been here I have begun to see how important Cape Fear Farm Credit is to the agricultural industry and the farmers within it. Working with the employees at Cape Fear Farm Credit and visiting some of the borrowers has shown me how vital the institution is for farmers and how important the relationship between the borrowers and the institution is. I look forward to learning more about Cape Fear Farm Credit over the summer and possibly pursue a career in the Farm Credit industry in the future.

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