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Welcome Home Littles: Building Dreams with CFFC

When Janet and Denton Little pulled up to a piece of land in Southeastern North Carolina, they knew it was exactly what they had been looking for and was perfect for their future home. However, buying land was something the Little family had never done before.

“We didn’t really know what to expect; Denton didn’t really know what to expect. This was a new process for both of us,” Janet said.

Although the Littles didn’t know quite what to expect, they knew that this piece of land was what they needed and wanted. They decided to take steps to purchase the land for their family. Those steps led them to the doors of Cape Fear Farm Credit.

“Cape Fear Farm Credit was able to work with us through the process and actually talk to us about the steps we could take moving forward,” said Janet. “They just made the process really smooth and easy to understand.”

About a year after the Little family purchased their land, they decided the time was right to begin the process of building a house. They reached out to Cape Fear Farm Credit again to get details on what steps needed to be taken to set their dream of a home in motion.

“Things were very quick with Farm Credit getting traction and getting things started,” Denton said. “We also found that Cape Fear Farm Credit was very competitive in construction loans involving land.”

When getting a construction loan involving a large piece of land, it is important to find other comps and land values in the area that are equivalent to what it takes to get it financed and appraised. For the Littles, CFFC was able to do that without any issues. Denton said the process was “smooth” and “painless”.

Using CFFC for land and construction loans was not something the Littles expected.

“We were under the initial impression that you had to be in agriculture [to secure a loan with CFFC], but they were a great choice for us,” Denton said.

The Littles weren’t an agricultural family, but they were a family who had a dream to build a home in a rural community. Cape Fear Farm Credit goes beyond barns, crops, and agriculture. CFFC also offers loans for families looking to create a home.

The Littles were able to find more than a competitive loan with CFFC. They found a relationship that gives back and is one they can trust.

“I personally like to have a personal relationship with whoever I’m banking with or investing money with, and there’s a level of trust there that has to be built and it was very easy to establish with Cape Fear Farm Credit,” Denton shared. He also said that CFFC has been “upfront and honest with me so I haven’t wasted my time or their time.”

The patronage CFFC offers has also been something that the Littles have really appreciated. The patronage the family gets lowers their interest rate and is something that “not a lot of other finance companies or banks offer back to their customers,” Denton notes.

What started as a dream for a piece of land, led to much more.

“We’re return customers because of the relationships we’ve built, and the painless process at Cape Fear Farm,” Denton said.

Today, Denton and Janet are a part of a rural community and enjoying their home with their children. We at Cape Fear Farm Credit, couldn’t be happier to have helped the Littles make their dreams a reality and are proud to have been able to serve them in throughout the entire process. Welcome home, Littles!

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