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You might have grown up on a farm if...

Boy with dog in mud

Growing up on a farm is a different kind of childhood filled with experiences that only fellow farm kids can identify with. How many of these do you relate to?

  1. Know that 5-gallon buckets and stacking bales of hay provide a better workout than any gym.
  2. Learned to drive a tractor before getting a license.
  3. Played on hay bales more than any playground.
  4. Family dinner conversations weren’t “typical.” They often revolved around livestock maladies, breeding schedules, the weather, or when to plant or harvest crops.
  5. Animals got breakfast before you did.
  6. The Birds and Bees talk wasn’t necessary with your parents. You figured it all out from the farm.
  7. Took a nap in the buddy seat of the combine.
  8. Learned that baling twine had a thousand and one uses, but if you leave it out on the ground, be prepared to be fussed at by whoever is mowing the grass.
  9. Had a family vacation cancelled because of an emergency on the farm.
  10. The loyalty to a certain brand of tractor rivaled any loyalty to a sports team.
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