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Your product is only as good as your marketing

So, you have a spectacular product that you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into. You are passionate about your product and have invested so much into making it what it is. Now, it is time to share your product with the rest of the world, but how?

Your product is only as good as its marketing. Some great products will never succeed simply because they have lacked a solid marketing plan. Do your product a favor, and shift gears to promote it, market it, and get the word out. Here are few tips on marketing your product:

Know Your Audience

The first step in marketing your products, is to know your audience. This will dictate everything else. When asking yourself “who is my audience?”, think about their demographics (e.g. age, gender, socio-economic status, location, etc.), values, and beliefs. Use that information to tailor your marketing and messaging to have the most impact. Promoting a product can be time consuming. Don’t waste time marketing to the wrong person. Get your audience nailed down and meet them where they are.

Tell Your Story

Perhaps the single best marketing tool you have is to tell your unique and authentic story. Consumers want the people and story behind what they buy. Give them a story. If you think your story is plain or boring, take a second look. In between the mundane, are stories of success and failures. There are moments of humor and serious. Get personal. Dig deep. You have a story worth sharing, and that story will help sell your product.

Once you have your story written out, put it somewhere that customers can access it. A website is an ideal place, but if you don’t have that, then put it on social media or print it out to deliver with your products. Once you figure out how to distribute your main story, then you can focus on continuing the story. Share updates, behind the scenes, special moments, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The point is, the story is what makes your product truly unique. Your story is what may make customers come back again and again. So, marketing tip number 1—Tell Your Story.

Be Consistent

They say the only thing certain is death and taxes, and while you probably can’t 100% join that kind of certainty, you can provide a certain level of consistency. That consistency should include your actual product and your marketing. Consistency has a couple of benefits:

  • It builds trust. When you continually show up and with a consistent message, you are building a trusting relationship with your customer.
  • It’s more persuasive. If someone is on the fence about purchasing your product, consistently showing up in their email, on social media, or an event keeps you fresh on their mind. This may just persuade them to take the plunge and invest in your product.

Explain the Why

In a TED Talk, Simon Sinek explains how some organizations truly inspire their audience. He discusses the idea of the Golden Circle that includes “what,” “how,” and “why.” He says that all those selling a product or service know what they do. Some know how they do it, but very few know why. When you can tell the purpose behind your product, that is when you can inspire. Market with your why. Why is your product worth it? Why do you believe in it? Why are you passionate about it? Then, you can share the how and what. If you want to listen to more of this Golden Circle concept, you can do so on Simon Sinek’s TED Talk.

Be Engaged

Build relationships with your customers. Engage with them online and in person. Is there an event that you can highlight your product and engage with people? It is so important to keep the conversation going. Don’t forget to engage with others in the business too. You may discover a wonderful mentor or become a mentor yourself. They say it isn’t what you know, but who you know.

Use the Right Tools

There are so many marketing tools out there. Some cost money while others are free. The important thing is to use what is right for you and for your audience. If your audience isn’t on Twitter, then don’t waste time and energy on it. When it comes to marketing, there are some tools that will help you market more efficiently and reach more people.

  • Social Media –this is an important tool in marketing products. 72% of Americans are on some sort of social media platform according to the Pew Research Center. More than likely, your target consumer is on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or all of them. It is a huge missed opportunity to not reach out to them. Social media isn’t just a way to “sell” your product, though. Perhaps its greatest attribute is the ability to tell your story through social media. With the addition of Stories on Instagram and Facebook, sharing your daily story is at the tip of your fingers. Social media is free to get started, can reach millions of individuals, provides a lot of versatility, and allows you to update and engage with your customers directly.
  • Canva—this free tool is wonderful if you need to create graphics for social media or print. It allows you to skip the complexities of Photoshop and get right to your needs.
  • Photos—invest in good photos of your products and anything related to your story. Pictures say so much, and a good quality photo goes a long way to market your product. Good photos will help sell a product, catch people’s attention, and can be used in all sorts of promotional materials. When we say good, we don’t mean cell phone (although, something is better than nothing). Hire a photographer with a nice camera to take professional photos. It will do so much for your marketing. Plus, one day, you’ll be able to show “where it all started.”
  • Newsletter—no matter what newsletter providing service you choose (MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Drip), the ability to send newsletters straight to your customer’s inbox can be valuable. Send updates, announce new products, share sales, give tips, tell stories, and just keep customers in the loop with newsletters. The possibilities are endless.

While there is so much more that could be said on the topic of marketing, the tips given here are a good core. If you aren’t confident about marketing your product, you can also hire a consultant to get your started or help as little or as much as you like. The important thing to remember is that your product is only as good as its marketing.

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