The story within the Produce Box

Those that serve within the agricultural industry serve with passion. As the demand for food is predicted to increase by 70 to 100 percent by 2050, those within agriculture must continue to be innovative with technology and practices to continue to provide a safe and affordable food supply.

Did you Know?

  1. Sweetpotato is one word and 60% of the nation’s supply is from North Carolina.
  2. North Carolina is the home of 46,000 farms.
  3. The average North Carolina farm size is 182 acres.

Exclusive Recipe

Coming Soon - we are partnering with a local chef that includes one of the products the farmer supplies to the produce box – recipe will be here plus their headshot.


Meet the Farmer

So who are the people that serve with passion to grow our food? Let us meet one of them, Billy Augustine, a family farmer from Bladen County that grew some of your produce within your produce box.

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