Our Team

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a CEO and the Senior Leadership Team. The organizational structure includes multiple departments including, but not limited to, credit analysts, loan officers, appraisers, compliance, accounting, support staff and administration.

Board of Directors

The Cape Fear Farm Credit Board consists of local farmers, rural community residents, and those that understand agriculture who are elected from our membership. As elected officials, directors represent the best interests of the organization and its borrowers.

Each year, there is an election process to select members for Cape Fear Farm Credit’s Board of Directors. The election process includes a regional nominating committee to ensure sound representation throughout our 12 county territory. Each spring, Cape Fear Farm Credit stockholders vote for all open board positions.

  • Gary Hendrix – Chairman

    Gary Hendrix, Chairman

    Governance, Audit (Chairman) and Compliance Committees - Term expires 2022
  • Jonathan Pope

    Jonathan Pope, Vice-Chairman

    Risk Management and Compliance Committees - Term expires 2021
  • Tony Grant

    Tony Grant

    Governance and Risk Management (Chairman) Committees - Term expires 2019
  • Nash Johnson

    Nash Johnson

    Audit Committee - Term expires 2021
  • Paul Michael Maguire

    Paul Michael Maguire

    Risk Management and Compliance Committees - Term expires 2022
  • David R. Gooden

    David R. Gooden

    Audit Committee - Term expires 2022
  • Alfred Wooten

    Alfred Wooten

    Compensation (Chairman) and Governance Committees - Term expires 2019
  • Gary Rouse

    Gary Rouse

    Audit Committee - Term expires 2021
  • Al Bain

    Al Bain

    Compensation Committee - Term expires 2021
  • Bo Stone

    Bo Stone

    Compensation Committee - Term expires 2019
  • Morris Murphy

    Morris Murphy

    Risk Management Committee - Term expires 2020
  • Adrian Locklear

    Adrian Locklear

    Compensation Committee - Term expires 2020

Leadership Team

From the left: Geoff Manderewicz, Chief Credit Officer; Sarah Temple, Sr. Human Resources Administrator; Evan Kleinhans, Chief Financial Officer; Brad Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer; John Patterson, Regional Manager; Brook Gillis, Regional Manager; and Randy Pope, Commercial & Capital Markets Manager

Suggestions to the Board

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