2021 Women in Ag Event

MARCH 18, 2021

Two Sessions
8:30am - Noon | 12:30pm - 4:00pm

**COVID-19 Precautions Will Be Taken, seating is limited.**

For more information or questions about the upcoming Women in Ag event, email jbass@capefearfc.com or call 910-323-9188 x.2414.

Featured Speaker: Jolene Brown

Jolene Brown is a walking-talking spokesperson and champion for the people of agriculture. She's a farmer in Eastern Iowa, contributor to Successful Farming Magazine’s popular family business column, author of two great books and recent inductee in to the prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. Her worldwide audiences appreciate her fun-filled spirit and valuable information. She's on a mission to share leading-edge best practices, appreciation, laughter and celebration to increase productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

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Showing Gratitude

Take home new knowledge and action items in addition to a gift filled with local agricultural products.

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The Balancing Act: 10 Ideas to Relieve Stress and Bring Renewal to our Farm and Family Life

We balance soil fertility, feed rations, tires and our checkbooks. We overwork, overwhelm and overload ourselves. Something's wrong with this picture! It's time we learn 10 realistic and applicable ideas to help bring a breath of fresh air, renewal and balance to our work and family life. Come and learn with Jolene Brown, grain farmer, author, family business consultant and an internationally recognized professional speaker. With valuable content, real life examples and a whole lot of fun, you, your family and the farm will be glad you did!
Content includes:
• Three benchmarks to check your "balance"
• Realistic min-breaks that renew and bring a smile
• Seven balancing lessons from continuously productive people
• Two tests to define "urgent" and "crisis"
• Four celebration actions to build energy, spirit and good health


"It's a Jungle Out There! Blazing New Trails for Agriculture"™
They’re lurking in the jungle… regulations, traceability, labor concerns, worker and food safety, competitive markets and more! It’s time we blaze a new trail because the pace, the people, the process and the products for agriculture have all changed. Have we? During this fun-filled, eye-opening presentation, we’ll discover today's top influencers on our customers. We'll learn the value of what we do is in the eye of the purchaser, not the producer. With lots of humor and real life stories, we’ll laugh while we learn the joys of blazing trails in agriculture’s “jungle!”