June 17, 2021

Meet Kiana Myers - a CFFC Summer Intern

June 6, 2021 - Hello! I am Kiana Myers, a senior international business major at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I choose to study international business because business is global. Not only will I have the understanding of how businesses operate in the US but also overseas. Furthermore
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  • Pretty Boy Farms

    Rows of white high-tunnels stand against the horizon. They are filled with vines bearing cucumbers, plants laden with tomatoes, and other various vegetables. Welcome to Pretty Boy Farms. Billy Augustine grew up in Hammonton, NJ, the blueberry capital of the world. His father started farming blueberries there about 35 years...
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  • $16 Million Patronage Announcement

    Cape Fear Farm Credit announces a record patronage of $16 million for 2018. Including this patronage, the Association has paid over $256 million dollars in patronage to their customer-owners over the past 31 consecutive years. “2018 was a challenging year”, states Gary Hendrix, Chairman of the Cape Fear Farm Credit...
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  • $10.67 Million in Early Patronage Distributed

    Cape Fear Farm Credit distributes an early patronage of $10.67 million to its customer-owners on October 30, 2018. “We understand that recovering from a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Florence, takes time and resources” states Gary Hendrix, Chairman of Cape Fear Farm Credit Board of Directors. “In order to get...
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  • A Simple Reminder, we're in this together

    Weeks after Hurricane Florence left its mark, and then most recently by Hurricane Michael, many parts of the east coast was left in devastation. From Florida to North Carolina, some farmers lost their crops, livestock operations and equipment, families lost their homes and business owners were left with heartbreak. They...
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  • Cape Fear Farm Credit Announces Patronage

    Cape Fear Farm Credit announces an early patronage distribution of $10.67 million to be paid to its customer-owners in October of 2018. Patronage, the distribution of the Association’s profits to its customer-owners, is typically declared at the end of the fiscal year and is paid to its members in April...
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